Friday, October 21, 2011

My Vacation in Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Here are some photos of my hiking trip to Cape Breton in September.  We think this was an immature bald eagle.  It was perched on a tree and allowed us to take many photos before flying away.

To arrive at this spot we had to climb a steep trail, parts of which were so steep that there were ropes strung along the side to hold onto.    The view from the top of Meat Cove Mountain made it all worthwhile.   It is beautiful up there.   It was also teeming with ripe blueberries which we sampled.
 Here is the ocean behind our rental cottage on a blustery but sunny day.  I love the way the light shines through the swell and the different shades of blue and aqua it creates.
 This was the eerie view from the Skyline Lookout on a misty day.      This trail starts at a high altitude as you walk in for several kilometres from the trailhead.  When you get to the ocean there are many many steps to descend with viewing platforms built into the side of the incline.   Breathtaking!   This is one of my favourite trails.
This photo was taken at the campground at Meat Cove.    To get to Meat Cove you need to drive a narrow winding road through the hills.   Last year, residents were stranded when a serious storm took out their bridge.   They needed to evacuate people by boat.

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