Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Experimenting with Fabric Bookmarks and More Fabric Cards

While nursing my back injury I haven't been able to do much stitching (not to mention bending or lifting or much of anything else).   However, since I seem to be more comfortable standing than sitting, I used the kitchen counter to fuse and cut fabric and experiment with making bookmarks and cards.   I ordered some plastic bookmark covers and tassels from Crystal Clear Bags Canada Inc where I also get my cardstock.    I found some backing material by the meter at Fabricland.  I don't know what it is called (it had the word 'craft' on it) but it's sort of an interfacing and the sales clerk said it was used in making lampshades.  So I used steam a seam 2 lite on the back of my fabric pieces and ironed them onto the non fusible side of the interfacing.   Then I ironed a piece of fabric onto the fusible back of the interfacing.  It worked like a charm.  Then I only needed to trim the edges and insert it into the cover.   I am presently looking for small gold foil labels that I can print my name and info on and stick to the back of the bookmark.

I made some more fabric art cards as well this time using the same light weight interfacing craft material and it worked well.   I concentrated mostly on blues, reds and purples for this batch and will do more autumn colours and greens once I fuse some more materials.   Here are some photos.  I am feeling better this week and have been working on finishing my 'Relationship Path' piece (which I think I will re-name "In the Beginning: Weathering the Relationship Path")


  1. I love your book mark ideas. Very neat. Could it be "craft bond" you are using? i use to use it when I was making purses. Wonderful landscapes, too.

  2. Thanks Debbie. It might be craft bond. It is light weight but has some shape to it. I'll check next time I am in Fabricland. It sure works well.


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