Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 x 5 matted fabric landscapes

A few days before my open house I ordered a few mats for my 4 x 6 landscape miniatures.   I wanted a 5 x 7 mat with a 4 x 6" opening.  When they arrived I realized that I had ordered the wrong size and my mat openings were 3 x 5".     So....when life hands you lemons.......I quickly made up a few 3 x 5 minis - a size I hadn't worked with before.  I loved the results - especially with these white/black double mats.   I framed a few and offered a choice of matted and framed or unframed.   They turned out to be pretty popular at the open house.    Of course these are all fused to a backing and left unstitched.    But they look quite striking.  With the 3 x 5s you get more mat surrounding them than having a 5 x 7 mat on a 4 x 6 piece.   I plan to make more but here are some results of my little 'mistake'.

I am also starting back to work on pieces for my summer exhibition.   One is an interpretation of Kuan Yin from the buddhist tradition.   I started her almost 2 years ago, then put the piece aside to percolate (some pieces need more time than others:-)   This week I took it out and started adding hand-painted and appliqued icons - a young tiger, exotic bird, bowl of rice, dragon and lotus flower (so far).   I am liking the results but need to figure out more embellishments for her gown etc.

I also am itching to share something with visitors to my blog but I need to wait for a few weeks.  It was probably more exciting for me than for anyone else........

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