Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Selling a Quilt is like Saying Goodbye to a Friend

A few weeks ago I sold one of my favourite quilts.    It was inspired several years ago by a chant we were singing in my women's choir.

                    "The earth is a woman and she will rise
                                   We will live in her"

The piece is named  'The Earth is a Woman'.   Hand stitched and hand-quilted with applique, embroidery, gemstone stars, and sequins, it is 34" x 25".    I was thrilled to sell it but also felt a little sad to see it go.  Nevertheless part of the pleasure in creating a piece is knowing that it will make someone happy.    It is a little like singing.   It's fun to sing in the shower but bringing music to others and seeing faces light up and toes tapping is simply the best!   Now I have new ideas to pursue.   Can't wait for the new year to get started.

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