Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

I have been part of the blogging world for over 2 years now and have learned so much from other bloggers.  I feel like I have a whole raft of online 'friends' whose lives have touched mine.    Happy New Year to all of you!

While I have not made any New Years Resolutions, the beginning of the new year is a good time to take stock, looking back, reflecting on where I am right now, and looking ahead to the coming year.   I ask myself questions like 'what is right about my life?  what is missing? what would I like to see happen in the new year?   what are my hopes and aims for the coming year?  what changes do I need to make?   In my quilting life, I plan to finish a few more pieces for my exhibition which takes place this summer.    I'd like to read more books, learn more techniques, push myself in different directions creatively, and follow my inspirations.  I want to create a better workspace in my home.   The one big step I am taking this year is that I have ordered a sewing machine after much research.  This is a giant step for me since I have always done all of my work by hand.  I am not fond of machines and am a little afraid that the convenience of having a machine will cause me to abandon hand work (but I don't really think that is possible for me).  I will continue at least until my exhibition pieces are ready, to work entirely by hand.   I am ordering an entry level machine - computerized -but it is all new to me - a big learning curve.    I am thinking about the machine as an enhancement of my present style not a total change in direction.   Oh and I almost forgot - I am working on a book about my quilts.

I am feeling restless lately - looking for something new.    My life is pretty full but I realize I have been doing that same things, belonging to the same groups, even singing in the same choir, for several years.   I won't throw the baby out with the bathwater but I need to stretch myself.   This is my first full year of retirement and I want to make the most of it.   I have the urge to travel to places I have never been before (as long as it is not too expensive - I haven't won the lottery yet).   I am looking into artsy vacations -fibre arts retreats, classes  or workshops.    I would like to find ways to spend time in other areas and soak in the culture (even within my own country).  A friend and I may plan a camping trip in Quebec this summer.   I also want to get out into the woods more.    I am getting itchy feet!!  

My pets received gifts this holiday season as well.   As I was wrapping gifts on Christmas eve I placed Drusilla's new cat bed on the floor.  Minutes later I found her curled up in it - tags still on it.

So I put it under the tree and slapped a bow on it.   Dru spend most of the holidays sleeping under the Christmas tree.  She didn't seem to mind the needles or the lights.

Another holiday story - my son gave me a new bird feeder and suet container.   There were three different suet blocks that came with it.    I chose the one with the hairy woodpecker on the front, thinking as I did so that it probably made no difference.  They seemed to have some similar ingredients.    So I hung the feeder and the suet container and next morning when I looked out my window this is what I saw.
This lovely fellow has been here every day since.  Build it and they will come!  How do they know?

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  1. Love your visitor at the feeder. They are so striking to watch. Glad you had a great Christmas, and happy new year.


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