Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Open House

My open house was successful and I really had a good time talking to visitors about my work.   It is always interesting to see the pieces that people choose as their favourites.   I have favourites of my own but they weren't always the ones that dazzled others.     One simple piece that I did with reverse applique called "Rooster" was a great hit with the men who came.  It was my son's favourite too.  

And what a treat to chat with other quilters about the work as well.    It isn't easy to put your work out there but when the feedback is positive I find it inspires me to continue to show my work and take chances. 

Of course, I had many comments about the fact that I do all the work by hand rather than using a machine.   In my many years as a social worker I found the handwork to be a way to de-stress after a day of work.   It was actually soothing to me.   Other quilters have told me that handwork has almost driven them to a nervous breakdown :-)

My thanks to all who came and supported my endeavours.   My friend Dyanne did a great job as hostess so I had time to speak to the visitors.  Here are more photos of the work and of my home all decorated up with quilts everywhere.

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  1. Wow....looks great. So glad you had a successful showing. That is a scary thing to do...to open yourself up see what happens. Proud of you.


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