Saturday, November 26, 2011

Open House

Tomorrow afternoon I am holding a fibre art open house at my home.  All the pieces are hung, the refreshments almost ready and the house is clean except for a last minute vacuuming.   It is amazing how much more critically I see my home when strangers are coming.   Also amazing is how dirt can hide in small corners, how many nail holes a wall can accumulate and how cluttered things get over time.    Ah well, I am hoping visitors will be focusing on the work hanging on the walls and not the walls themselves.     The reward for me is to have people view my work and to hear feedback, see which ones are more popular and to see how people interpret the work.     And the unanticipated reward?   My motto is 'when the house is clean invite people over' so..... I get a good start on my Christmas entertaining after all that cleaning!!   Maybe I'll take some photos tomorrow and post them - if I am not too busy.

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