Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fibre Art - Mosaic Challenge

My quilting challenge partners and I met on Monday to unveil our latest challenge pieces.  Last year we decided to do a piece based on a mosaic style.   That was the only rule.  After many months of hard work, here are the results.  My piece might look familiar to my regular visitors because I first posted it several months ago.

This first piece is by Shirley Santos Pedro and it is a depiction of 'the king'.  She used two different 'elvis' fabrics, one for the clothing and another for the guitar.   If you look closely you can see that the mosaics in the clothing have words printed on them.   She also cut out words and expressions to attach to the background fabric.   Isn't it great?  And what a lot of work!

The second piece is Iris Krajcarski's interpretation of the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park, New York City.    Note especially all the tiny square mosaic tiles around the perimeter.   The fabrics chosen for the piece have a faint pattern which really captures the mosaic feel of the memorial.    Perfect! 

In case you are thinking that our theme was a musical one as well, here is my piece.  It is called simply "Iguana" and I started with a small sketch which I coloured with pencil crayons then roughly drew horizontal and vertical lines over it - each square would be equal to 1".   I chose and fused several fabrics then cut a zillion 1" squares and fused them onto a black background then hand-quilted the whole piece.  Aside from placing all the squares, it was the easiest piece I ever designed.

Here are some close up shots of the pieces.

Now on to our next challenge.   We have added a fourth member to our group and, inspired by the book Twelve by Twelve, we decided to each pick a theme and it will become the four by four challenge.     We are giving ourselves two months for the first challenge (yikes - I still sew by hand) and the first theme is 'resting places'.   The next themes are houses, clocks, and dragonfly.    We have set the size as 12" x 12" ( I suggested 4" x 4" since we are the group of four but after much laughter they all nixed that idea).  So stay tuned for our next challenge results.

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