Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kitchen Party-New Fibre Art

I have completed a new piece which I am calling "Kitchen Party".  It was inspired by a photo by Neville Hamilton and used with permission.   Walking near Rustico PEI, he and his partner came upon 3 kitchen chairs positioned in a conversational manner in a field by the path.   They looked so incongruous just sitting there abandoned.   What thoughts come to mind.   Who sat in those chairs?  Mothers having a midday rest and cuppa?    It gives a new definition of 'kitchen party' (in the Maritimes usually defined as a group of people getting together to play music and sing, usually in someone's kitchen).   The ideas in the photo just captivated me.  I ended up just having two chairs because three looked too crowded.  It does diminish the meaning somewhat but I think it works.  I may try adding a third to create a semi circle though.  I did a lot of hand stitching on the flowers and grasses.  I had thought of adding a ghostly figure in one of the chairs but it looked more striking without.

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