Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Introducing The Goddesses

Meet my goddesses!
A couple of years ago I started making goddess dolls for friends - especially those who were going through tough times and needed support.  I embroidered words of encouragement on them and dressed them up with flowers and vines.  After getting some feedback and hearing how they really helped them to get through the worst times, I decided I should make more.     These three girls went to a craft show last night and my lovely yellow tulip goddess went home with a new friend.  I hope she helps.

 Here are close ups of the embroidered tulips and words of encouragement - and her cool hair.

Coral goddess has lots of attitude too.

She is embroidered with vines, hearts and flowers.

And finally lavender goddess especially made for those friends who have lost a breast to cancer.  She has lots of heart and her basket is overflowing with abundance.

I have a couple more that are not quite finished.   They do take a long time to stitch.  I need to tweek the design a bit to make it easier to stuff and stitch.  I'd like to make them more 'traditionally built' ie more full bodied.  

I have also designed some tiny landscape pins and they sold well at the craft show last night.  I wanted to post a tutorial but didn't take enough photos along the way (because I wasn't sure they would work out).  I'll try to remember to photograph the next one I make and then I can do a 'how to' post.    Here is a photo of the finished ones.


  1. Your goddesses are smashing! I love the idea behind them as well as all that wonderful stitching. Each one with such personality. So glad you shared them with us.

  2. love your work! A good friend of mine is a quilter, and I especially admire the hand stitching. I am a weaver but also a writer.


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