Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two More Goddesses Completed

Here are my latest goddesses completed.  I especially love the red hair because it took sooo long to produce that curly look (no I didn't use tiny hair rollers or give her a perm)

I had used two ply yarn because I didn't have any fancy curly stuff in that colour and I wanted her to be a redhead.   Then I unwound each strand to make it curl......if there was an easier way I wish someone would let me know.  But in the end I loved the result.   Her hair really puffs out.  For the  next girl I gave some shaggy bangs.  I used silk threads for her hair but maybe that was a mistake because it does shed a bit and the hair looked a little thin and limp so.....

 I braided in some hair extensions in different colours.   There is one at the front as well.
And I guess I forgot to mention in my last post that the backs of the dolls are all different patterned fabric. So here is a back view.
Now on to making more pins.   This time I'll take photos as I go.

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