Sunday, April 14, 2013


Our art show was a huge success after a bit of a slow start on Friday because of the snow/ice storm. The high tea was very popular and I'm thinking that lots of money was raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation for African Grannies/AIDS orphans. 

I believe that art sales were good generally too.   The show was a personal success for me with all of my framed ribbon embroideries selling out and most of my art cards, bookmarks, and small landscapes.  I had brought a bin full of pieces for the sales table and came home with a handful of items.  One of my embroidered art pieces sold as well.

The set up committee had done a great job and the displays looked wonderful.   After an afternoon at the art show and with the help of friends, I quickly packed up, brought my work home, then hurried out to another church where my choir - Shout Sister - was having a concert to raise funds for that church's foundation which helps people in dire need in Canada and abroad.    We sang two sets to a packed house and received a standing ovation.    What a day!

Needless to say, I came home last night satisfied and exhausted.   My eyes are still having trouble in bright lights and a few times I felt a little woozy especially at the art show.   But I didn't want to wear my sunglasses preferring to be able to see the lovely work of my fellow artists.

I didn't take many photos because I spent most of my time chatting with friends and customers.   I so enjoyed hearing the enthusiasm of visitors to the show and especially their generous comments about my work.

Now on to the subject that Canadians love to talk about.......the weather.

I took these photos in my backyard over the last 10 days and it struck me that this photo journey is, in a nutshell, our Canadian weather of late - ie.  if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes.

Brrr....this wind is chilling.

Woohoo!  It's spring at last!

Mmm....I think I will have a bath.

Look!   The grass is turning green...

Good grief! How do I peck through all this ice?

The next day nobody came
Except for this large Cooper's Hawk
In the middle of Friday's storm only a few brave birds came to the feeder.  Unfortunately one of them fell prey to this very large hawk.   I took this photo through a wet window so it's not too clear.

Yesterday it rained.   Today it's gloomy but a little warmer.....maybe spring is here???

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