Monday, April 1, 2013


As one final small framed piece, I started stitching tree shapes on one of my favourite background fabrics.   I love this fabric with its blues, violets and orangy tones and used it in another autumn tree piece as a background a couple of years ago.   Sadly I am running out.... It is a commercial fabric but I don't remember where I purchased it and don't have any identifying marks on it so I probably can't get any more (if anyone recognizes it, please tell me who makes it).  I am reduced to using it for very small landscapes.   When I finished embroidering the trees I really liked the effect so I have added a mat and will frame it.   I'd love to do a larger piece on this theme but I guess I'll need to paint my own background. 

For my evening's entertainment recently, I have picked up an embroidered piece that I started two years ago.  It is a kind of doodle/zentangle of a raccoon and her four babies in  a tree - inspired by a photo I took in my backyard.  It's stitched mostly in black on white with a little green watercolour paint and threads.  I put it aside for awhile but now I am slowly stitching my way through it.  I'll post it soon....once I decide what to do with the finished piece.   I am also finishing my Ode to Newfoundland that I started last year.....

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  1. Your ribbon embroidery is looking wonderful. I'm just catching up on all your posts/projects. I used to do a lot of this work and may still have my favorite instruction booklet from DMC--I think. If I find it I can at least copy it for you for reference. I will see what I have and let you know.

  2. This is a wonderful grouping of trees!

  3. Very beautiful! What is it with trees that we are so drawn to them. I was recently in Hawaii and ended up taking so many pictures of just trees while thinking that I will do something in stitching with them. I totally get you with favourite fabric. I have picked up some that I think would be great background pieces and I am afraid to use them ;).

  4. ohhh gorgeous - love love trees!!!!


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