Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Ribbon Embroidery

I've been having some neck pain the last few months along with my eye surgeries so haven't started any large pieces recently because I tend to obsess over them and work long hours until they are done.  I finally had my neck xrayed and the results were not too encouraging but I am starting physio soon and hoping for some relief.  Anyway, enough of that.   The result is that I have been working on more small ribbon embroideries.   With the help of some new instructions on floral stitches (thanks Debbie) and my own imagination, I completed some small florals.   I have a couple of orders so I am in the proces of finishing the pieces and matting them.  I apologize for the quality of the photos.   The light conditions were not great.

With the first one I tried some flowers with curled petals, a sprig of bleeding hearts, irises and brown eyed susan.  The pink one was an experiment and looks like a peony but definitely not to scale.

This one is my favourite

Practicing some new flowers - calendula, columbine and some unidentified ones

Bouquet of Tulips

 This one is shown with a 3 x 5 mat opening but I have since decided that it will look better with a 4 x 4 opening in an 8 x 8 mat to show off the leaves.  

I like doing these aster/daisy types - lots of light and shadows in the petals

So that's what I've been up to artistically.

It's also been a fun musical weekend.   Yesterday  I attended the second annual Ottawa Grassroots Festival.  Last night we were treated to a performance by two great musicians -  Wendell Ferguson, who is a wonderful guitar player and very humorous - and one of my favourite musicians - Suzie Vinnick (a Saskatoon girl).   She has such a powerful voice and sure knows her way around a guitar.   They were so good together and I marvel again at the number of wonderful musicians we have in this country - many of them who don't enjoy the success they deserve.   Also appearing were Ana Muira, Amanda Rheaume and Amanda Bon and her band.    They were all fabulous.    We were also entertained by the choir that I used to belong to - Folka Voca.   What fun!   I may go back this afternoon but   maybe I need to do some yard clean up first.  It is a beautiful day!


  1. You are so welcome.....your ribbon embroidery is beautiful. Love the tulips, and the first bouquets, and I love them all and can't pick a favorite!!! That is what makes it fun....imagination and enough shape to give the impression you want. about a little painted scene on fabric with the flowers in the foreground. Just a thought.
    Wonderful, beautiful work. I so enjoy seeing it.


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