Friday, March 5, 2010

fabric postcards

I just spent the day working on fabric post cards for my online quilting group swap.  It's the first time I have tackled this and I love it!  It's a musical theme which fits right in to my interests.   I have chosen song titles as inspiration for the pieces.  I started with the fronts and fused all the pieces onto a background which is also the frame.  Next I will sew a little, then fuse the front to the stiff middle layer.   I will attempt to print a postcard template to the back layer and fuse it to the other side of the postcard.  Then I will stitch the edges together and that should do it.  I haven't decided whether to mail them as is or in an envelope.  Since I will be doing all this by hand  it may take some time to complete.   I think they look great already and I really want to share them here right away but just in case I get a visit from one of the recipients I'd better not.  It wouldn't be fair for the people who are getting the cards to see them before they are delivered, would it?  I promise I'll take lots of pictures before sending them off.....Seems like all I am doing on my blog these days is promising to share pictures of my work....but one day  these projects will be completed and there will be photos galore!

One more thing - a friend of mine just finished a fantastic art quilt which I photographed.  She provided me with a write up about next post will be Shirley's quilt........I promise.

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  1. Ahh, Juanita, I know about those promises. I'm working on several projects now and none can be revealed. I enjoy seeing your finished work. Lovely and so original!


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