Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quilting Challenge Unveiled

I feel like there should be a drum roll!  Here are our completed wallhangings for our first quilting challenge.  We chose a photograph of an underwater scene laden with shells and seaweed.    We  wrote several colour compositions on slips of paper and pulled them out of a paper bag.   Shirley got black and white, Iris got monochromatic and I got analogous (colours next to each other on the colour wheel).   Iris chose to do her piece in shades of blue.  I got to choose 3 colours - blue, blue violet, and blue green.

So here are the finished products.   They are approximately 8 x 10.   I cheated a bit and included a smidgen of red/orange in the seaweed that I added using multicoloured yarn.   My piece also has a bit of black in the background - so if there was a prize I would not win.  Since I had the most colours to work with, I probably should have been able to make do with them.  Oh well....

The first quilt is by Shirley Santos-Pedro.  Shirley used black tulle in specific areas to show movement of water.   The next quilt is by Iris Krajcarski.  Angelina fibers give Iris's piece the sparkle of shimmering waters.    The bottom quilt is mine.  I added gemstones, sparkly beads and a single 'pearl' which is being observed closely by 3 small minnows. 

Shirley already has an idea for our next challenge - to create a piece inside the back of a stretched canvas using a grid composition - sounds challenging to me.  But I do have a few ideas......



  1. I like all three, but I am partial to yours. You created a wonderful light source to the left with your border and fish. I think it just glows! Great job.

  2. Thanks Debbie. We had fun doing them.


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