Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring

Happy first day of spring from me and my cat!!

I just happened to have purchased  some new florals last week since I have had an idea about a friendship garden/garden path.  Since last spring I have been asking my friends "what is your favourite flower?"   I finally decided to start with floral fabric and fussy cut each flower and create a garden with a path through it.  Not sure of the background, the path, maybe do some sun prints (since we are in summer mode in central Canada right now !!).  Oooh, I love these luscious florals!  I have never worked much with florals before - what fun!

 So here are some ideas for the path/background.  Not enough contrast in the first one - still working on the sun print/painted path idea.

I also like the effect of the black background.  I'm just trying out a few rough cut flowers right now.  I haven't fussy cut the flowers yet because I am out of fusible and waiting for an order to come in.  Then I will fuse the fabric and cut out the flowers once they are on the fusible - saves cutting twice.  In the meantime I'll just salivate over these beauties.

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