Monday, March 26, 2012

Down the Garden Path - New Fibre Art

Here is an early configuration of my floral piece using my sun print cloth for the background and with a dyed cheesecloth path.  I wasn't too happy with the single path cutting through so  I tried moving it up so the division wouldn't be too symmetrical then I added a smaller path off the main one (see below).  I changed the placement of flowers and removed some of them.  I also tried out some photo transfers done by painting a laser copy of flowers with a medium then wetting down the paper backing and removing it.   I placed them on the piece in various configurations but did not really like the result. 

 Finally I removed the photo transfers and I think this is the one I will go with (see below).  The lower path is not very well delineated.  It was done with different colours of cheese cloth.  I placed some smaller flowers along the pathways and may need to do more work on that smaller path to make it more prominent.  When I look at photographs I can more easily see where placement was off or where I need more foliage or flowers to balance.   I have been practising my free motion stitching but still need to improve  before I move to an actual project so I will hand applique the flowers but hope to add some free motion embroidery before this piece is done.    I'll show some samples once I get some that are half decent....

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  1. This is so lovely. A real dream land of flowers in the garden and along the path. Placement is always the tough part, but I think you have good balance. Love it.


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