Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunprints in March!

Who would think I would be out on my patio on the first day of spring making sunprints?  Well since the temperature here in Ontario was 27 degrees celcius (in the 80s), it was just the thing to do.    Now I am frantically cutting and placing fabric flowers to see if it will work for my garden.   I will post a photo of my efforts next time.   I have some sketched flowers for the Sketchbook Challenge to post before the end of the month and a couple of announcements of shows coming soon.   Also soon to be announced - the launch of my new and improved website designed by my son!   It's been a busy month!    Here are some more photos of my sunprints -   I just painted with setacolour then placed items and stencils on the surface, left it in the sun for under an hour and here are the results.  It was my first attempt so I had no expectations but I think it might work well as a background to my flowers.

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  1. These turned out so neat! Makes me want to do some sun painting! I never thought of the idea of using the stencils for an extra painted effect. Can't wait to see what you create.


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