Sunday, March 4, 2012

Painted and Stitched Miniatures

As a reward for finishing so many larger pieces,  I painted a couple of 4 x 6" fabric landscapes then used hand stitching to complete the picture.   The first is a view of Telerife Mountain from Cabot Landing Beach in Cape Breton.    We hiked the beach as part of the Hike the Highlands festival.
  Here is the photo inspiration for this piece.

    The second one is only partly finished.    The photo inspiration for this piece won a prize in the Hike the Highlands photo contest a couple of years ago.    I snapped hikers walking past a large cross which was a tribute to the unknown  sailor whose body washed up near White Point CB many years ago.  It was an eerie shot taken in early evening with mixed clouds behind it.    It's a work in progress with lots of stitching still to do then I'll applique the cross and sign (the ones shown are paper copies).  First is the photo inspiration then the work in progress.

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