Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quilt Retreat at The Barn

I am so behind in my posting.   It's over a week since I spent the weekend with a group of quilters at The Barn near Wakefield QC.   It was a very relaxing weekend.   My work table was set up by a window with a view of fields and trees, just the way I like to work.   I spent the weekend working on a couple of pieces, one of which I'd like to have finished for my show in June (if my arms and fingers don't give out) - hours and hours of stitching involved.   I also made more bookmarks and fibre art cards (it's my break from the intensity of embroidery and applique).  I was there with a group of machine quilters and was amazed how much work they produced over the weekend - and what lovely quilts they were!  I was also interested in the methods used - choosing colour combinations, the laying out of pieces, moving them around for the best combinations, lots of advice from the rest of us.   When we weren't quilting, we ate great food, drank a little wine (I've been warned - what happens at The Barn stays at The Barn), had some interesting discussions, watched quilting videos, and went for walks.  I've taken several photos so you can see the variety of the work.    It was my first time at the retreat which has been going on for many years.  It was great fun and I met lots of interesting folks.
Maggie's baby quilt - great colours
close up - so delicate

Shirley is hard at work
cutting and placing strips

making progress - I love that fabric!!

View from my work table

more bookmarks

Kathryn's very interesting memorabilia piece

Debbie is taking it easy while hand stitching

Ingrid's lovely appliqued block

Linda finished an elegant table runner

We all have some advice for Alison
Alison's beautiful quilt - making progress

Organized chaos

So much fabric - so many machines

Miyo's sampler of embroidery stitches

Ingrid's beautiful batik quilt - delicious colours!

Here's a little corner of my garden piece

Penny's quilt - wow!

close up - can you see pineapples?

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