Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year!

View from my front window!
Wishing you a Very Happy, Healthy and Productive New Year from snow covered Ottawa!  We have some serious snow here but we miraculously escaped the ice storm this time!   I know it has been a nightmare for some of you who are without power.    Let us hope that everyone has their power restored soon.

View from my back window

Last month our fibre arts group had an exhibition at the Stittsville library called "First Lines".   Here is a photo of my friend Connie holding her submission.  Can you guess which book it is from?

Has anyone read Andrew McCall Smith's series - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency featuring Precious Ramotswe?   Precious runs a detective agency and describes herself as "traditionally built".    Here she is with her little van out in front of her agency.  Isn't it great?

Before the holidays, I had almost finished my latest hand stitched piece which is still unnamed - For some time (years!)  I immersed myself in Atlantic Canada.  Now I have quite a few prairie/field pieces under my belt - Prairie Sky,  Prairie Sky II, Prairie Dawn, Fields of Gold,  Prairie Grasses, A River Runs Through It etc. and I'm running out of names......This one is mostly hand stitched with lots of texture and, as usual, the satin sky is hand painted.  I still need to mount it onto a canvas.  I didn't really depict any particular season but was looking instead to represent the many colours of the prairie and its bounty.  However, whenever I look at it, Connie Kaldor's song "Spring on the Prairies" keeps running through my head.......

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