Monday, December 9, 2013

More Trees...

I have made some progress on my tree pieces.  I added leaves and tulle and machine stitched the tree trunk and the foliage. I solved my dilemma with the tulle (to tulle or not to tulle) by cutting away the tulle from everywhere except the tree because it was obscuring the hand stitching on the flowers.  I have layered it and will now attempt to hand quilt the areas around the tree.  I think I'll just finish it with a satin stitched edge.

When I looked at it through my camera lens I wasn't sure about those poppies.  the foliage may blend too much with the background.  I may add a few stronger highlights to the stems and leaves.  Or I may decide to just leave well enough alone.

close up of tree trunk

close up of poppies

I have also been stitching away at my other tree piece (right now I am calling it the "Are you Crazy!!!?? piece).   The same subject but this one is going to be completely embroidered on a lightly painted background.   It has been a lot of hand stitching!  I am integrating some of my new variegated threads from LES Designs and they look so nice!   Here is a little preview.....lots of stitching still to do on the background - lots of areas to fill in - but I am concentrating on the tree right now.   Hope my fingers hold up.  

I've been using mostly chain and straight stitches for the trunk, some fly stitches for the foliage in the background.   This one is my 'evening in front of the TV' piece. 

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