Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Progress on Tree Project

I think this is going to be the one!!   The ash tree is made up of tiny pieces of fabric fused to a thin background.  I hand stitched some colourful poppies around the tree base.  Next I will add a few leaves (but not too many) under and over the trunk and the tree will be ready to applique on to the background.  I actually think it would be a great winter tree but I have already committed myself by adding the poppies (so maybe tree #4 - winter -  is coming up?).   I am leaning towards machine applique because I think it will blend with the trunk nicely.  I think I will hand quilt the areas around the tree.

My one decision is whether to add tulle over the whole thing.   The tulle softens it a bit, pulls it all together, and gives the trunk a sheen but the hand stitching on the flowers is not as prominent and using a variety of threads on the trunk may be sufficient.

Without tulle

With tulle (it's harder to get a good photo with the tulle)
I need to look at it for a day or two.   This is quite a small piece (7 x 10") so each bit of fabric is quite tiny.   Please note the beautiful background fabric.  It is one of Elaine Quehl's hand dyes.  They beautify any piece!

I am still hand stitching version #1 but it's too soon to show....

I was able to add my mini Etsy link to my sidebar.  It was easy to do or maybe my tech skills are improving?   My son is always teasing me about my early reaction to computers and the way I have moved into the tech age since then.

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  1. You are creating facinating effects with all those tiny pieces! Glad you linked up to TNTN so that I could find you!

  2. It's looking great, Juanita. I love Elaine's fabrics!


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