Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Etsy Shop and I Can't Believe It's December!

Already December and I haven't blogged for ages.  My big news is that I finally opened my ETSY shop -  JuanitaSauveFibreArt on Etsy     I created the shop last month but didn't have time to add items.   For the last week I have been experiencing some nasty nosebleeds (an old issue) and was forced to stay quiet for a week.  Rather than waste my time altogether I prepared my policies,  took some photos, and added items to my shop.  I was pleased to see that there have been some views already.  It's a little scary but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.  Now I just have to figure out how to add the etsy logo to my blog.

I had a successful show in mid November and was pleased that I sold a good variety of items.   My mini landscape/postcards sold well as did my funky fabric beaded necklaces (I'll post some photos soon) and bookmarks.  I sold some framed pieces and journals and lots of cards.  Here is a photo of my booth.   I had great booth neighbours and I also got to see some old friends and customers with  lots of lovely feedback.

The show is held in the beautiful Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa.  I wish I had taken some photos of the inside of the building.

This little piece was one of my favourites.  I called it 'simplicity' and it sold the first night of the show.  It is tiny - maybe 3.5 x 3.5 -matted and framed in a larger square frame.  I think that sometimes I make my work too complicated and one of my goals is to keep it simple in some of my pieces - know when to stop!

Before the show I spent one morning dyeing more silk ribbon with my dye kit from  Ribbonsmyth .  I was happy with the results and used them for ribbon embroidered bookmarks and a couple of ribbon embroidered framed pieces.

drying in my basement

It is so much fun adding drops of dye and creating all sorts of colours of ribbon.  So many of the results are serendipidous.   My favourite was a lovely periwinkle blue.

My present theme is 'trees'.   Inspired by my first 'sacred tree' which has just returned from an exhibition at the Stittsville library, I started piecing a tree together on a lightweight background (which I have since cut away around the tree).

tree in progress

I plan to applique it to a stitched background so I started one, then a second, then a third background.....why so many?   Because each one took an unexpected turn and I am still trying for a certain effect.  I think the latest will work if I 'keep it simple!'       The tree was too powerful for the first background I stitched.  In the second instance, the background was too distracting.   So now I think a hand dyed background and a few flowers in the foreground will be enough.  The others are morphing into different pieces and were not wasted.  More on this one as I progress.
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  1. After seeing your art Juanita I can hardly wait to see how you use my threads! Lovely work.


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