Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hand Dyes, Backyard Blooms, and Life

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted on my blog.  After attending a quilt show last weekend and purchasing some lovely hand dyes, my week started out well with a fibre art play date which was so fun.  Things went downhill from there - trying to get estimates for home repairs, more physio and exercises for my aching neck, and trying not to overdo things.   It was all put into perspective later in the week when we had a medical emergency in the family.   Even though it all ended well, we got quite a scare.   It reminded me of what is really important.

After catching up on my sleep this morning I took my camera out to my wild backyard to try to unwind and photograph wildflowers and weeds and other things that grow...Grass refuses to grow very well in my yard but wildflowers have taken over (and some weeds too) and I have planted some ground cover like sedums and periwinkle.   So every spring I let the flowers bloom and turn my yard into a meadow.   After they are finished blooming I mow the lawn.  I was worried about what the neighbours might think until my next door neighbour leaned over the fence and said how much they love my backyard - maybe I'll start a trend - grass is so overrated.
lots of forget me nots and some pesky dandelions ( I'll pull them by hand)

Mmm...I love lilacs

Even my apple tree is blooming

I think these purple ones are weeds but they are pretty

does anyone recognize them?

What a mixture!

A young maple which might need to go:(

Even the lowly dandelion is quite beautiful

A young grape leaf

Hostas are starting to unfurl

Looking Up

My ash - treated last year and doing well so far

Looking up again through the trees
 I am always thinking of making art and my focus lately has been on foliage and a leaning towards trying a more impressionistic style.  These photos are inspiring me.

And what else is inspiring me?    These beautiful hand dyes by Elaine Quehl  that I purchased last weekend at the quilt show.   Each one by itself is a work of art

When I look at this one it feels like I am looking up through the foliage to the sky -  just like my photos.

Aren't they beautiful!!


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  1. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful photos!! : ))) I love each one. ; )

    ~Monika : )


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