Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reflections at Fishing Cove

A couple of years ago I took a photograph of the sun shining through shallow water, spreading a yellow glow and  leaving prisms on the rocks.  I love this photo and wanted to turn it into fibre art.
See the lovely reflections and rainbows on the rocks
 So that was my inspiration for this piece.  I originally wanted to complete it in time to enter it into Threadworks whose theme this year was 'Water'.  However it didn't get finished in time.  I appliqued colourful 'rocks' onto a black background, hand stitched underwater flora and added some dyed cheesecloth here and there.  I free motion stitched each rock with a variety of threads.
Measure carefully and hope for the best!
When I was happy with the results I covered the whole piece with a fine yellow orange tulle.  Then I stitched over the whole piece with yellow 'ripples'.   I trimmed the edges, attached the piece to a larger black background and zigzagged it down.   Then I wrapped the black edges around a 12" x 12"stretched canvas and stapled them on.

Et voila!
Here is a close up view.
The tulle gives it a golden glow which doesn't show up very well here
So there it is.  I liked the way the ripples give it some motion.  It's too bad I was too late for the juried show but I like the results. 

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