Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Torn Fabric Piece Completed

I finished up my torn fabric piece by adding a backing, zigzagging the edges and mounting on a painted stretched canvas.  I didn't want a fancy border because the piece is busy enough.

Backing fabric

Painting the Canvas

Reflections in a Swamp - complete!

Close up

It's a real departure for me and a learning curve.  I have already started another one which is meant to have water lilies on it......we'll see.

I also finished a little hand stitched piece.  It's 4 x 4" and made up of tiny flowers, fields and trees on my favourite background fabric.   It took hours of stitching.   The flowers in the foreground are mostly silk ribbon with floss for the background ones.

Fields of Flowers

Framed under glass but the glass can easily be removed
I framed it under glass because some customers prefer the added protection but I think I like it better without the glass so you can see the texture of the flowers.  It is easily removed though (I have a pile of frame glass that I have removed from other pieces.   Someday I'll find a use for them - perhaps).

I will be linking this post to WIP Wednesdays over at the Needle and Thread Network.  Take a look.
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  1. Fields of Flowers is lovely. I like it without glass to but I always worry about dust and also light exposure fading the piece.

  2. love. What a neat technique. Do you ever teach this?

  3. Incredible. Two beautiful and amazing finishes.

    Your work is so inspiring!

  4. Lovely job, Juanita! Well done!

  5. Always fun to try new techniques, great job on these!


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