Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stitching, stitching....

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I spent the last two weeks stitching every evening on this little piece.  It's just 5" x 7".  I didn't count while I stitched but there must be thousands of stitches.   I started off by drawing a clump of pitcher plants on white fabric and painting it with caran d'ache pencils.  Then I fused it to a brownish patterned batik and handstitched - first the plant - then every space around it.  Sometimes I don't know why I do this but once I start I just keep on stitching. I just enjoy the process.  I used a combination of  floss, silk ribbon, and heavy silk threads.

Hand stitched pitcher plant
Here's a close up view

The original photo inspiration was one that I took either in Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island.  Unfortunately I can seem to find the origin so that I could post an electronic copy of it.

We had some serious rain here last week and my lilacs really started to droop over my patio.

Covering my tiny patio with blooms

A bit waterlogged but still beautiful!
Alas this week they are starting to fade away.....I so love lilacs!!

PS - Found it!  Here is the inspiration for my stitched pitcher plant.  Great foliage surrounding it!
Pitcher Plant - See how they start to turn grey as they age:)


  1. Ver-r-ry interesting. Did you need a hoop or stabilizer to keep it from buckling?

  2. I really like the dense stitching!

  3. Very very nice ! Your handstitching is lovely Juanita.,

  4. Very nice, and it must be so relaxing to just stitch to one's heart content!


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