Thursday, May 9, 2013

More on Using Strips of Fabric

I was asked if I teach the method I used in the piece I posted on Tuesday.  I had laid down strips of fabric and stitched the heck out of them.  The fact is, it's the first time I have ever done anything like this and I learned as I went along.  Looking at my inspiration photo with all its horizontal lines I just came up with an idea to do some kind of linear piece.   I'd seen fibre art done in cut strips and even felted landscapes done in a linear fashion as well.   I needed that effect.  Tearing the strips makes it a little less rigid looking for the reflections and I remembered seeing torn strips used somewhere so decided to try it.  I needed something to work on at our quilt retreat, so quickly laid the strips on fabric covered in fusible web and stitched away at them adding hand stitching at the end.
original photo
I still couldn't remember where I saw torn strips used in a quilt so today I googled it.   Well, if you want to see someone who knows what she is doing with torn fabric landscapes you need to see Heather Lair's work!!   It is fabulous! I believe she teaches workshops as well.  I see that she leaves her edges loose to give a softer more 3D effect.  Take a look!
 Heather Lair Designs - Torn Fabric Quilts

 A feast for your eyes!!

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  1. I checked out Heather's work, she's amazing. Her work is very inspiring. Thanks for the link.


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